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Are You Ready To Pass Your K53 Learners?

Discover everything you need to know to pass your K53 Learners the first time!

The learners test is a multiple choice test where you are required to get a certain number of answers right in order to pass. Some centres have paper tests while others use computers. In order to pass your K53 learners licence you will need to have practised the tests beforehand. We suggest signing up on our website to go through actual test questions so that you are well prepared. Remember, this is your first step to getting your driving license so it’s really important!

The Best Way To Pass

  1. Read carefully! Some answers are very similar or it may seem that there are multiple correct answers.
  2. Don’t rush! There is plenty of time. Make sure you understand the question before choosing an answer.
  3. Make sure you’re well prepared, pack all your documents the night before and arrive early for the test.

What Marks Do You Need To Pass?

74% – THE RULES OF THE ROAD: You will need to get 22 of the 30 questions correct in order to pass

77% – ROAD SIGNS, SIGNALS & MARKINGS: You will need to get 23 of the 30 questions correct in order to pass.

75% – CONTROLS OF THE VEHICLE: You will need to get 6 of the 8 questions correct in order to pass.

Remember: over 50% of applicants fail their K53 learners test on the first try.


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