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K53 Tests is the best resource for anyone who wants reliable information and guidance before writing their learners licence test. - John


Part One: Your Mission

If you decide to accept it…

If you are like us, ‘trying to score an A or even a pass in your learners’ was like featuring in a horror movie starring Nicholas Cage and the Black Widow. We had a sleepover, shared our failure stories as if we were from the Cold War, pulling an all-nighter and falling short of breath with imagined panic attacks during the exam.


Then we sat down, contemplated and came to a realization that life is short and it is never that serious! We were not part of an Amy Schumer or a Tiffany Haddish film production.

So, is there another way?

Part Two: The Learners Test Challenge

After some deliberations, here is our precious gift to you! You no longer have to get sleepless nights, scratch your head till you get a migraine, cram so hard, or even procrastinate that long awaited episode of the Walking Dead or the Vikings.

The thing we all want most is to pass our K53 learners test on the first try. I don’t think there is a person on earth who thrills on failing exams. We do not want to freeze on the day. Been there, done that.

You want to get up and show that test whose boss and leave it confident as the prince of Saudi Arabia.

Learners Test<br />

So, What Are the 'K53 Learner & Driving Exams'?

In South Africa, at any point, before you get the priced and the long-awaited for driver’s license and are allowed to drive on the roads unaccompanied, you are obligated to pass a theoretical test, known as the K53 learners, and the practical driver's test.


Part Three: The Solution

So, things tend to be hard yes. However, what if I told you that there was a different option: a more straightforward and easy as pie solution? A solution that will make sure that when the exam date, finally dawns you are all confident, ready and relaxed?

It is very guileless and natural. It is very straightforward. All it requires is a bit of practice!

You are here because you cannot wait to be in that new modeled Lexus, Benz or Mazda, experiencing the joy, tranquility, and freedom of being on the road, by and for yourself!

Our team knows how to you can do it right and we are here to tell and give you guidance on how you can do it without struggle and worry.

It is like this: We all have a problem with procrastination, and we tend to prepare a bit late; like two days to the test. So, what if you begin to get ready right now with a preview of actual learners questions with acumens of what you can expect on the exam day? You will have the right tools and experience for whatever learners license paper you are anticipating to write.

Part Four: The Answer

Basically what we are telling you is that you should not sit around just hoping for the best or for answers to drop like manna from the heavens.

We are here to help you get started - we want to ensure that you pass your learner's test on the first try and not at a later date! You are a champion, and we will ensure that you feel like that when you step into the room and even into the car!

We have put together some practice exams with actual questions that will make sure that you are effusively prepared for your learner’s test. Next step: your driving license!

So, why are you still sitting there are looking at the screen? Wear a big smile and sign up now to get access to actual exam questions!


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Make sure you pass your Learners Licence test the first time; take a test drive and try out our online South African practice papers.

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Our questions on road signs and markings, rules of the road and vehicle controls will make sure you pass when you practice the online questions over and over.



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